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CIOs again see employees as biggest cyber security threat

CIOs seeing employees as the biggest cyber security threat; Sounds like another reason everyone should be using BiON Smartfile. But really when were employees not the biggest security risk. We have always known from countless studies and after action reports that the vast majority of frauds, security violations and risk came from employees either trying…

Despite sequestration, cybersecurity funding growing

The Defense Department intends to spend $23 billion on cybersecurity over the next five years, according to news reports, and is seeking more than $4.6 billion for cybersecurity in fiscal 2014 alone — an 18 percent jump from 2013. The requested yearly amount is even higher for fiscal 2015, at $4.7 billion, but decreases to $4.5…

Companies Lack Real-Time Breach-Detection Capabilities: Survey

More than 40 percent of security professionals have no or very limited automated capabilities, including real-time alerts or daily/weekly reporting, to detect data breaches, according to a survey conducted by Varonis, a data protection specialist.

Companies Lack Real-Time Breach-Detection Capabilities: Survey.

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