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3D printed toothbrush, super clean in 6 seconds

3d printing, wyly

Dentists say 2 minutes at least twice a day is needed to brush your dirty teeth. Luckily there’s a new 3D-printed toothbrush that lets you brush your teeth in 6 seconds. Also you don’t even really brush your teeth. Your teeth kind of brush themselves. This new wave in toothbrushes is called the Blizzident. It’s made using a…

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

With family and friends it will be hard to update my blog over the holidays. I wish all my visitors and your family a great and Merry Christmas. There will be great news to come in the new Year. Check Out SEAF www.seaf.com Civergy www.civergy.com SmartFile www.bionbeta.com Merry Christmas to all

Incredible Beach on the Cimarron River in Oklahoma


Facebook 56 million in the Arab world

Facebook brought into prominence on Tuesday that it has 56 million active users in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), where activists used the social media network to organize Arab Spring rebellion. In fact, Facebook regional chief Jonathan Labin told a news conference in Dubai while noting a significant increase in the number of people connecting from mobile devices, that half…

Snow covered lifts in Sweden

I am so looking forward to ski season!!

Hello world!

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New plastic gets stronger as it is flexed

There is a very cool discovery to report this week out of Duke University, now to be known as those “Plastic Fantastics.” The team has invented a “mechanophore” a material that responds to mechanical force rather than light, heat or chemical exposure. In this case, they have invested a plastic that actually gets stronger when it is stressed.…

Electrify Africa

20 common household items that retail for $312 to $1,944 can be 3-D printed at home for $18 in a weekend.

In the study, Pearce and his team chose 20 common household items that can be printed on various 3D printers, listed on Thingiverse (a catalog of free designs). Then they used Google Shopping to determine the maximum and minimum cost of buying those 20 items online, shipping charges not included. http://www.kurzweilai.net/how-to-save-money-by-making-stuff-with-3d-printers Related articles Save Thousands…

Oculus FPV – First Flight — Intuitive Aerial

Oculus Rift merged to a drone — yeah this could end bad. While most of these have done a good job of immersing users in virtual environments, the latest project from Intuitive Aerial could provide a unique perspective on the real world. The project, called Oculus Rift FPV, allows a pilot to control a UAV while wearing the…

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