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The Gall of Gallstones

This week was especially hard to manage being out of town and having Baby really struggle with more needles and tests. Kadamabari posts another week tale of the Moppet Show. I must admit I do not know how Kadamabari does it, I have a hard enough time even stringing two thoughts together on a good day. The story continues with happiness and love Baby meets every morning with a happy heart and with all our power will never sleep with a sad thought.

Gallstones in a 5 years old? The question is less about the gallstones but why and how does a 5 year old have such issues? And worst what instruments are available for the procedure? In most cases Gallstones exist in older people largely as a result of cholesterol drugs or of cirrhosis of the liver in conjunction with anaemia, none of these are present within Baby and no jaundice or blood diseases. So once again what is causing this?

On a positive one of the hardest decisions, the answer is become more and more evident; we are going to have to make the decision to pull the cochlear implants out sooner then later. At the very least we will have to pull the magnets out. This will allow a MRI and MRCP exam, both of which can not be performed on people with cochlear implants.

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The Gall of Gallstones
Kadamabari posts another week tale of the Moppet Show

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