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‘UID enrollment low in posh areas’

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There are two factors working here 1) that the goal of UID is to reach and enable the poor to access services but 2) that a lot of the wealthy in India do not want the system to be able to track all bank accounts and land transfers. Data sourced from BMC, the implementing agency for UID in the city, shows that the average enrolment for Aadhaar is 74 per cent in the city. The lowest enrolments have been recorded in Byculla (44 per cent), Grant RoadMalabar HillWalkeshwar-Nanachowk-Pedder Road-Breachcandy (47 per cent), Bandra-Santacruz-Khar (East) (54 per cent), Bandra-Santacruz-Khar (West) (57 per cent) and Dadar (West) (52 per cent).

‘UID enrolment low in posh areas’ – Indian Express.

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