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3D print vinyl records from MP3s

Vinyl record.

The nostalgic return to vinyl LP records is endearing, in a way, but no one expects the digital music recording industry to start producing the large discs in mass quantities again. Music is as invisible as money these days, and by that, I mean we’re careless with it. I still bitterly mourn the death of my first MP3 player like a widower left with the debts of the deceased. But now one artist is using 3D printing and laser cutting as a way of immortalizing music in new and innovative ways. Amanda Ghassaei has not only found a positive use for a machine that, up to this point, has been best known for creating things that kill people, but she’s also managed to press Radiohead onto a wood record.

As Ghassaei writes on her website entry for the 3D Printed Record: ”In order to explore the current limits of 3D printing technology, I’ve created a program for converting digital audio into a 3D model of a record and printed some functional prototypes that play on ordinary record players.”


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